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 Hetrochromatic by name, Hetrochromatic by nature.

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PostSubject: Hetrochromatic by name, Hetrochromatic by nature.   Fri Dec 05, 2014 4:54 pm

Once upon a time, Mr and Mrs Heterochromatic settled down to married life and began a family. Dark turns into day. Babes and children grow up. Some will have babies of their own. The endless round of the circle of life beginning anew with each new generation – this is simply the way of the world.

It is the eldest daughter that concerns us. Miss Heterochromatic was a bit of a party-girl. During her university years, there was a particularly wild party. Miss Heterochromatic ‘s pretence that it was a meek and mild party would soon be busted. It started with nausea and a particular type of weight gain. These hints would take a few months to develop into anything more than vague hints.

When those few months were up, Miss Heterochromatic gave birth to seven babies. Babies grow into toddlers. As these particular septuplets hit their first birthday, they caused a media storm due to their very different features. Each child was half white but that was about all they had in common because each child’s biological father was of a different ethnicity.

For the primary-school years of their life, Miss Heterochromatic has combined running her own business with raising and homeschooling her multi-coloured brood as a single mother. But if nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.

How will the septuplets react to starting secondary school? How will they react to the fact that they’re going to single-gender secondary schools? How will the new schools react to this? How will neighbours and family and friends react? Join us and find out as the four boys and three girls are registered for their schools!
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Posts : 11
Join date : 2014-12-05
Age : 28

PostSubject: Re: Hetrochromatic by name, Hetrochromatic by nature.   Fri Dec 05, 2014 5:13 pm

In no particular order, the septs are:

1) White with African American/Black
2) White with Asian
3) White with White/Caucasian
4) White with Hispanic/Latino
5) White with American Indian/Alaskan Native
6) White with Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian
7) White with Unable to determine
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Join date : 2014-12-05
Age : 28

PostSubject: Re: Hetrochromatic by name, Hetrochromatic by nature.   Sat Dec 06, 2014 10:50 am

First, the basics.

Full name: [First, middle(s), last]
Also known as: [Nicknames, diminutives, etc]
Birthday: [Timestamp it, Write the date out]
Zodiac Sign:
Blood type:
Biological Sex: [Male/Female]
Sexual Preference: [Males/Females/Both/Neither/Don't know yet]
Racial makeup: [Mother's Race/Father's Race]
Who I am inside: [Brief description of personality]

The reflection in the mirror.

Rough height: [Just to help with character interactions]
Rough weight: [Again, just to help with physics of interactions]

Just a few last things

Important events in life:
Social relations: [E.g. boyfriends/girlfriends/best friends/friends]
One last thing: [Anything else we should know about the character?]
Don't mind them, that's just: [Puppeteer].

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PostSubject: Re: Hetrochromatic by name, Hetrochromatic by nature.   

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Hetrochromatic by name, Hetrochromatic by nature.
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