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 oh, if the right one came along | dasha

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PostSubject: oh, if the right one came along | dasha    Thu Jul 30, 2015 6:25 am

i worry, i wonder all the time, why worry
it’s killing me
forget about it

dasha rose clarke ( pronounced DAY-sha )

born june 23rd, cancer zodiac

caucasian american
irish and cherokee on her father’s side, welsh and german on her mother's side

full time workaholic & college graduate, has a bachelor's degree in education with minors in creative writing and english literature. she works an average of 40-50 hours a week as a bartender/waitress at a little irish pub restaurant in the heart of her college town. essentially, she has built a life for herself with little to no free time and as an extreme busy-body that is just the way she likes it.

i whisper, remember what she did
don’t miss her
set me free, she won’t allow it

she has muddy green eyes and her hair color is dark brown (or dark magenta if she's been dying it again). she takes really good care of her hair, but because she's been dying it for so many years the texture has become a little bit coarser than she would prefer it to be. her hair is slightly wavy and shoulder length at it's longest. she normally wears it either down or in a messy bun.

dasha stands at about five feet eight inches and has a narrow, wiry build with gentle curves. she has spidery-thin hands and a quiet, careful demeanor. being incredibly fair skinned, her skin burns and scars much too easily. she has a lot of light freckling along her torso, dimples in her lower back, and a salmon patch birthmark that is fairly well-hidden beneath her hairline at the nape of her neck. she has her ears pierced once at the bottom, twice at the top, a septum piercing, and two tattoos: a medium-sized gothic-style cross in between her shoulder blades and the cancer constellation on the inside of her left forearm.

her wardrobe mostly consists of plain t-shirts and dark jeans, basketball shorts, comfy long-sleeve shirts and hoodies, as well as the occasional flower patterned dress. the only things she consistently refuses to wear is the color orange, flip flops, and heels.

angry and gone, and the list goes on and on
now i'm letting up, i should be the one who's letting go
she's lonely, she's scared, i'm relationship impaired


oldies music, scary movies, watching the sunrise, meeting new people, flowers, books!!!, dogs, long showers, peppermint gum, cleanliness

fighting, humidity, loneliness, loud noises, cats, storms, ants, wasps

for much of her life dasha had denied and kept her sexuality a secret, however in more recent years has been able to come to terms with being different. although she doesn't advertise her sexuality to most people, she no longer outright denies it either and will normally just ignore the question altogether for the sake of privacy. she keeps her business to herself and doesn't share her life story with most people unless she feels she can really trust them. in the past couple years she finally worked up the courage to be able to come out to her father, but things didn't go very well. growing up, her father was openly homophobic and would constantly spout off ridiculing and hateful speech about homosexuals if the topic was ever brought up in public. needless to say, whenever she first told her father that she was attracted to girls he reacted disgustedly with her and argument ensued. this made dasha feel abandoned by her father and she left her father's house in tears.

on the drive home, dasha was very upset and crying hysterically whenever she started to have a panic attack. before she could pull over to the side of the road, she swerved into a guard rail and then over-corrected so hard that she flipped her car. fortunately, she was wearing her seat belt, but was knocked unconscious and later awoke in the hospital with a broken arm and cuts and bruises all over her face from the glass of the shattered windows spraying her face. the hospital staff found her father's number in her recent contacts and reached out to him about her accident. although her father still refuses to acknowledge her sexuality, he spent that entire first night beside her hospital bed while she slipped in and out of a heavily drug-induced sleep. the two still speak occasionally, although not as often as they did before, and dasha no longer goes to visit her dad except on the holidays.

losing loved ones
wasps and bees

to continually better herself
to harness her independence and be able to take care of herself so that she can create a better life for herself than the one she had growing up
to always try her best to be a good person and always be honest and kind towards others
to travel outside of the country someday
to have kids

good communication skills
great planning and organization skills

painfully shy
sensitive heart, often gets hurt
closed off, doesn’t open up easily
doesn’t stand up for herself well
too hard on herself

if it's love, i will differ, i'm being lost being with her
i can’t move on, i can’t take it
she says we won’t make it now


father – very protective but can be a massive asshole and a hypocrite, he's a major homophobe and essentially just encompasses the entire personality of a stereotypical big ol' southern boy
mother - estranged, the last time she saw her was when she was 8 years old, basically white trash
half-sister from her mother - age 27, hasn't seen her since she was 14, she doesn't talk to hardly anyone in their family and keeps mostly to herself, she can be a bit awkward at times but is sweet at heart... dasha misses her all the time, she wants to be closer to her but her sister lives really far away and is hard to get ahold of

she has a nephew from her half-sister as well, a sweet little boy named jordan, and a brother in law named daniel, but she only knows about them through facebook stalking

scott collier, best friend
nadia gray, keeper of her heart

dasha does not smoke or do drugs, although she has tried smoking... she hates how cigarettes taste and thinks they're a waste of money for all the destruction they do to your body. she drinks occasionally but doesn't like to get drunk

she has seasonal allergies and is allergic to cats

diagnosed with anxiety and clinical depression in her late teens, she takes medicine for it and the depression is pretty well under control, but she still gets panic attacks from time to time

iron-deficient anemic

she owns a three year old rescued black-sable german shepherd named kayla who she loves dearly

i can’t move on, i can’t take it
she says we won’t make it now

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Posts : 30
Join date : 2014-11-30
Age : 25

PostSubject: Re: oh, if the right one came along | dasha    Fri Jul 31, 2015 1:27 am

Scott Collier

Age 26
College graduate
Dance instructor
Secret science fiction geek
Coffee addict
Gay and flirty as fuck
6'4", slim, fit, graceful

Social butterfly

Best friend & self-proclaimed match maker
to Dasha Clarke

Doesn't date well, longest relationship has been seven months
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oh, if the right one came along | dasha
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