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 fight it // heartstrings

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PostSubject: Re: fight it // heartstrings   Wed Dec 10, 2014 10:28 pm

Dasha had noticed the couple giving them disgusted looks from a few aisles over, but the unwanted attention made her uncomfortable rather than angry. She shot a glance to Nadia, but whether the other girl had seen them as well or not she must have been ignoring them, so Dasha tried to do the same. She heard the scuffle of Nadia's feet as she took off to a different section of the store, but as promised she didn't watch where she went. She rocked on her heels, humming quietly to herself, until Nadia returned a few minutes later. She felt the other girl's hand slip into her own a split second before she felt the lips graze her cheek, and was already starting to blush before she'd even opened her eyes. She ducked her head shyly as a smile spread across her face and allowed her fingers to slip through Nadia's, interlocking their hands together.  

"Alright, what'd we end up with?" She took the two new movies from Nadia and looked them over. "Hmmm, I haven't seen either of these, actually," She didn't mind horror, but she didn't watch very much of it either. "Sounds good to me." She'd been wanting to see American Psycho but had never gotten around to it. However, the moment Nadia said that Devil's Rejects was one of her favorites, she knew that would be the one they ended up watching tonight, if they could even make it through all three in the same night.

Once back at Nadia's apartment, Dasha shucked her cardigan and her boots. She was content with Nadia putting Guardians in first, as she was hoping that the action-packed comedy would help to wake them up. She followed Nadia to the kitchen and pulled herself up onto the counter top. Luckily she was tall but not heavy, or else she would have felt worse about sitting on her counters. She smiled and nodded at the proposition of dessert. "I always have room for dessert. Ice cream for me, but what are my options flavor-wise?"

While Nadia went about getting their desserts divvied up into dishes, Dasha tried to calculate how many hours were left in the night compared to how many movies they had gotten. She slid off the counter and took her bowl when Nadia handed it to her, then paused. "So, obviously not rushing anything here, but just making sure - you did or didn't want me to stay the night tonight? Because we kind of ended up with a lot of movies and I just want to make sure I have my phone before we pass out if I need to set an alarm for myself to get up early in the morning."
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fight it // heartstrings
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